At the close

May 24, 2011

Dear all.  I’ve been having some problems with Word Press so have decided to chuck in the blog.  Sorry!  I’ll see you all one of the other social networks at our disposal.  Thanks for reading!


Spring’s Finale

May 16, 2011

As we seemingly rush through this season and on to the next, here are the things that for me represent Spring here in Deutschland.

This is how I imagined the garden in Oscar Wilde's "The Selfish Giant" to be: full of beautiful blossoms that fall like snow when the wind blows

Our fair-weather neighbourhood friends have moved backThere are Spargel (asparagus) stalls everywhere - the strawberries will soon join them!

Spring Stage Two

April 13, 2011

More flowers!  They really do come out in stages.  It’s quite amazing.  I’m not really a keen flower watcher, but after a very colourless winter, they are simply beautiful.

And in case you think all we’re doing is lying around, gazing at the flora…

Warmer weather means we're back on our bikes for afternoon tea picnics!

Spring Stage One

March 27, 2011

Hello Spring.  Farewell cruel Winter with your fearsome temperatures and beautiful white coverings!  We will, no doubt, miss you a little.  But in the meantime…

The first flowers have appeared

The crocus!

The gardeners have started work

The wildlife has reappeared

Check out the size of this bumblebee - and it's really furry!

Meeting new friends
Time to redecorate!

Some street art


Winter Picnics

March 2, 2011


Yes, Georgia is wearing an IKEA safety vest, Rose a Tinkerbell dress with wellies and Barney is wearing a dress fashioned from a cut-up party bag!

…and out!

I believe it was about 2C degrees that day. We didn't last too long...

...but the view was terrific!

Crafty Kids

February 13, 2011

We’ve been doing a whole lot of craft here lately.  Our biggest monkey was off kindergarten for most of the week with an injured foot and it’s Winter!  Thankfully, we had inspiration in the form of an idea from one beloved aunt and a fantastic book from another.  The first two projects were from the book (thank you Auntie Suze!) but I forgot to take any photos of the project steps, just the finished product (and proud crafters).

The house that Georgia built

Beautiful jewellery made with straws covered in wrapping paper

First, put the flowers together

Then, fasten the flowers to the straws

Push the flower straws into holes in a painted egg carton

Look very proud of your new garden

Thanks Auntie Fona, for this fabulous idea

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

January 27, 2011

For some people living away from home, their national day is a chance to go crazily patriotic, perhaps to make up for the lack of compatriots with whom to discuss favourite nation-related topics or lack of favourite national foodstuffs etcetera.  For others, the day is practically over when they realise  its significance and then they perhaps think, with a sigh, that they are so far from the land that they love that there’s no real connection.  Hmm, I guess I fit somewhere in between.  And really, I like any excuse to make yummy food and wave a flag.

Happy Australia Day everybody!

Georgia all ready for kindergarten (she took ANZAC biscuits for the class)


My first ever attempt at lamingtons (for my playgroup friends)